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Holly Bourdon




About Me

Holly Bourdon is an actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, and pigeonhole-rejectionist who believes that being a jack of all trades does not make you a master of none. In our world of black and white labels and categories, Holly believes that letting our disciplines inform and influence each other is always a worthwhile endeavor. As a lifelong mover, Holly feels great pride in being a fully embodied performer. As a teaching artist, Holly also incorporates many movement modalities into her storytelling philosophy, helping students to work with their bodies' natural patterns to find a deeper understanding of self as well as character. As a choreographer, Holly brings a unique perspective from her undergraduate degree in modern dance, making kinesthetic sense of traditionally presentational musical theatre dance forms. Holding an MFA in Musical Theatre from Boston Conservatory, Holly understands the value of strong, sustainable technique but never takes for granted the importance of instinct and impulse onstage. Whether it is challenging perceptions of gender presentation, pushing the limits of what the traditional theatre space can be, or simply finding truth onstage, Holly strives to make art that matters. 

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